Summer School „Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Human Rights” – June 20-26, 2022 in Madrid [Blockseminar]



Zeit/Ort n.V.

3 ECTS, Wahlbereich

  • Zeit n.V., Raum TSG U1.023 ICS

• Language:

The language of the seminar and the Summer School is English. Although English skills are required, your English does not have to be perfect!

• Constitutive Session:

A constitutive session with further information will be held on Monday, May 2, 2022 from 6–8 pm, TSG U 1.023 in Erlangen.

• Formalities:

The seminar is funded by and organized within EELISA. EELISA (European Engineering Learning Innovation and Science Alliance) is the alliance of Higher Education Institutions from different European countries. For a deeper insight, it's worth taking a look on the website (https://eelisa.eu) and the promotional video (https://vimeo.com/642665658).
For this seminar, we, the Chair of Systematic Theology II (Ethics) of the FAU, cooperate with the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Scuola Normale Sant’Anna, Pisa. Our aim is to further our knowledge, skills and techniques in our joint work.


Interested students may register via e-mail to mailto:hannah.bleher@fau.de and mailto:eva.maria.hille@fau.de latest by Friday, March 18, 2022.
If more than 10 applications are received by then, participation will be drawn by lot. You will receive feedback by Friday, March 25, 2022.
Students are requested to check the entry requirements for Spain on the website of the German Foreign Office with regard to the COVID-19 pandemic. With their registration, they agree to take care of the necessary proof themselves and to bear any costs that may arise.


An interdisciplinary Summer School on “AI, Ethics and Human Rights” will be organized in Madrid, from June 20-26, 2022. 30 students from Madrid, 10 from Pisa and 10 from Erlangen will have the opportunity to learn and study AI-driven technologies and their social and legal implications. Students will acquire technological basics of AI, consider its consequences, and reflect ethically about specific use cases from an Human Rights Perspective. Opportunities and challenges of AI will be discussed in an interdisciplinary manner and with stakeholders from the political, legal, practical domain. Based on methods of interdisciplinary challenge-based learning, the European legal, political and societal aspects with regard to AI will be in the focus of the discussions. Within case studies, participants explore ethics-by-design approaches to AI ethics and several ethical tools and mechanisms. The summer school is intended to be a starting point for further joint educational and scientific projects within EELISA and to give the participating students the opportunity to network and establish common interests. *Seminar plan*: The seminar consists of three parts: • *Constitutive Seminar Session, May 2, 2022 from 6–8 pm, TSG U 1.023 in Erlangen*: In a first session as a kick-off, participants will be introduced to the basics of AI Ethics within a *seminar session in Erlangen*. In addition, the participants develop a research question to investigate within the Summer School. After the Summer School, instead of an oral exam or assignment the students produce their own videos on the topic of the summer school, which are afterwards published on the website of the Digital Ethics Lab (https://www.digitalethicslab.fau.de). • *Participation in the EELISA Summer School, June 20-26, 2022 in Madrid*: We will participate in the Summer School „Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Human Rights”, June 21-24, 2022 in Madrid. The programme of the Summer School includes thematic introductions to AI, AI ethics and human rights, discussions about AI guidelines and approaches, keynote lectures by well-known international scholars, public discussion events, as well as workshop session with case studies. Students are expected to actively participate in the programme. In addition, opportunities for exchange between students from different countries will be provided through joint activities and a rich cultural social programme. We plan to arrive in Madrid on June 20, 2022 and return on June 26, 2022. Transport costs (flights) and accommodation costs for the Summer School are fully covered by the EELISA grant. • *Seminar Evening*: In a third part, we will meet for a presentation of the produced videos and reflect on the Summer School and the whole seminar. The date will be agreed together in the seminar at the constitutive meeting. *To pass the seminar (of 3 ECTS)*, participation in the seminar day and the Summer School as well as the examination performance (the production of an own video) are required. *The seminar is an excellent opportunity to get a taste of current ethical issues on European level with the chance to try out interdisciplinary and international scientific work for yourself!*

Zusätzliche Informationen

Erwartete Teilnehmerzahl: 10